Over 40 years of experience

With over 40 years of experience in the shoe-making industry, Henkelman has strategically positioned production facilities in China, India, Bangladesh, Portugal, Tunisia, and Turkey. This extensive network provides us with a competitive advantage and unparalleled flexibility.

Our ability to oversee and control the entire manufacturing process—from the initial design phase to sourcing, quality control, customs, packaging, warehousing, and timely delivery—allows us to consistently provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices.

Our ultimate goal at Henkelman is to ensure that our customers receive not only exceptional products but also benefit from our commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. We strive to make a positive impact on both the global environment and the lives of those involved in our supply chain, upholding the principles of respect and responsibility throughout every step of our production process.


We choose our production sites very carefully. These sites are regularly inspected by our on-site quality management. We collaborate with test institutes such as TÜV Süd and PFI.

As a global company, we make sure to do things responsibly in our supply chain. We care about sustainability and actively participate in the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) to bring positive changes to the industry.

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