Your Privacy at Henkelman

We operate in line with all requirements as defined within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) called the AVG in the Netherlands. As such we act as a responsible controller of personal data and process information in line with this notice and other privacy notices relating to our customers and employees.

Personal Data Held

As a business who holds personal data relating to your company, we are legally obliged to inform you of what data we hold about you and how we will/will not use it.

Information About Your Company

We hold your company information as provided by you within our order and accounting system Pluriform. This information can include:- Company Name- Company Address (including all site locations)- Company Contact’s Details (Buyers/Sales/Accounts/Management etc.)- Full name- Language- E-mail address- Various telephone numbers and fax numbers as supplied by you- Various e-mail addresses as supplied by you- VAT Number- Bank Account Details- Production, warehouse or store locations We also hold your e-mail addresses and some contact data within our email system Microsoft Exchange, which is hosted in the Netherlands. During the process of purchase and sales orders, data can be kept on our storage environment. This is hosted on-premises and secured, access is for employees only and on a need to know basis. Information about your company is backed up and may be stored off-site for security and loss prevention purposes. The information stored in the data center can only be used for restore purposes by our company. As such, we are the only party who can access this. We do not transfer any of your personal data outside the European Economic Area without your written permission.

Why we hold and process this data

Suggested text: IfWe use data relating to your business to facilitate trading with you and your company and for general correspondence with your staff on a regular basis. Henkelman will never pass on or sell this information without your permission unless it is a statutory legal function that we are required to fulfill.

Retention periods of the data we hold

The company data we hold is kept for the duration of the active contract or b2b-relationship and seven years thereafter for financial record keeping purposes in-line with Dutch tax regulations. Individuals personal data directly associated with such business records are kept for the same period due to the nature of the business relationship.

Your rights associated to the processing of the data we hold

Where there is personal data held of individuals received as part of contracting with you, those individuals have all the rights as described in the GDPR, for example:- Request access to their personal information.- Request correction of their personal information that we hold.- Request removal of their personal information, for example when leaving the company.

Contact Details

Should you have any queries around the handling of your personal data you are welcome to contact your day-to-day business partner within the respective Henkelman department. Alternatively, for any specific personal data queries, please see the contact details of our Data Protection Officer at