Sep 12

Rodeo Chic

Rodeo Chic: Embrace the Wild West with Henkelman! Yee-haw! Dust off your boots and saddle up for Micam…

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Aug 25

Back 2 Business

Henkelman Footwear goes back 2 business. As the sun-soaked days of summer begin to wane, it’s that time…

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Aug 11

The Power of Pink

The power of Pink! The most significant trend in fashion at the moment is Pink! The whole planet is…

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Jul 13

PX Lab

Discover PX Lab – By PX Shoes. Henkelman Footwear is a renowned company known for its exceptional range…

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Jun 16

Expo Riva June 23

Visit Henkelman at Expo Riva Schuh. The doors to the Expo Riva Schuh Exhibition are about to swing…

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Jun 06

Riviera chic

Henkelman Footwear goes Riviera Chic. We are in the Mediterranean Vibes. Get ready for the summer holiday. These items…

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May 22

Safari Vibes

Safari Vibes at Henkelman Footwear! Take a walk on the wild side. Discover our full range of flat sandals in…

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May 04

The Spring Express

The Henkelman Footwear Spring Express. All Aboard! Our spring train is gaining steam! Packed with new items! Check…

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