Claudia Ghizzani

Our brand for women’s shoes offers trendy fashion at reasonable prices! It’s your go-to for fashionable styles that make a statement. From work to party nights and from westerns to trendy sneakers, find all the stylish designs you need.


Bottesini, our brand for men’s shoes, provides high-quality and stylish footwear for every occasion, ensuring you step out in confidence. A great pair of shoes is not just an investment; it’s a necessity.

Cafe Moda

Cafe Moda presents a range of high-quality leather shoes for women and men that effortlessly combine durability with style. Step into Cafe Moda, where we make sure every detail is just right to give you top-notch shoes. Enjoy the timeless elegance and style that comes with each pair.

PX Shoes

PX Shoes creates beautiful, high-quality leather footwear made in Portugal that complements your unique style. Our collection blends feminine and sporty styles. From daywear to evening-ready, PX offers a range of comfortable and stylish shoes for every occasion.


We dream, create memories and embrace the world around us. Join us on our Bullboxer journey.

Bio Comfort

Bio Comfort crafts comfortable shoes with premium materials like resilient cork soles and vegan uppers. Our diverse styles suit both women ad men, offering a perfect blend of innovation, fashion, and comfort.


There’s a lot to consider when shopping for kids’ shoes. Comfort and ease of wear are key when it comes to kids’ shoes. It’s very crucial to support their every (and first) step with the best footwear, because feet and walking habits are determined during the formative years of a child’s growth and development. Stoonies brings the latest fashion trends and has the cutest and coolest style suggestions in hand for the little boys’ and girls’ fashionistas.

Snow Fun

Step into winter with Snow Fun - where fashion meets function in every step! Our trendy snow boots for women, men, and kids blend style with durability. Stay warm, stand out, and make a statement in the snow. Embrace winter with Snow Fun - your go-to brand for fashionable snow footwear!

Fitters Footwear

Fitters Footwear specializes in stylish women’s shoes in plus sizes, at attractive prices. Each unique model is exclusively developed and produced in limited quantities, ensuring character and comfort with quality oversight at every step.

Luna Homewear

A comfortable pair of home slippers is an important part of your wardrobe, especially when the winter is long and the floors are cold. Whether you wear the slippers with your pyjamas or during the day while you’re working from home in sweats. Slip into our comfortable home wear collection! Treat your feet with our super soft and cozy slippers. You prefer fluffy or more spa-like? We have you covered. Check our men’s and women’s collection.