Are you ready to take off into Spring?

Fasten your seatbelts.

Are you ready to take off into Spring? Travel in style with Henkelman Footwear. 

Henkelman Footwear

Theo Henkelman Footwear B.V. takes center stage in the dynamic world of footwear.

As a key player and one of Europe’s leading importers, we proudly serve numerous commercial chains and shoe stores.

Moreover, we aren’t just importers – we’re creators of contemporary, affordable, and fashionable shoe collections. Additionally, with offices in The Netherlands and China, Henkelman Footwear is uniquely positioned to offer direct and tailored service to our customers.

Furthermore, we can control the whole process, from design, sourcing, quality control, customs, packaging, warehousing till delivery.

Our main goal is that our customers consistently receive high-quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries.

Our company is AEO certified, which guarantees professional and fast customs clearance. Additionally, our unique strength at Henkelman lies in our extensive and well-stocked inventory.

From our large logistics center, we are able to deliver shoes straight from our stock.

Join us at prestigious events like THE MICAM, Gallery Shoes, Canton Fair, and Expo Riva Schuh, where we unveil the latest in footwear innovation and style.

Henkelman Footwear what we can do